Bitch ass

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Goodbye Crix

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As crix goes down i have a list of people i would like to thank ;)

Max- your great im happy ur my HOS

Mad- you were a nice cool dude, wish it didnt have to happen like this

Jax- fuck yu u suck at hos

taz- you were very nice to me

Tsar/Joseph- u like my bestfriend bro

jkrispay- yh i forgot u also a dick

Jake- i thot u had autism before but you were cool

Masterful- you were great at your job and taught me how to be a good hos

Sorry if i didnt mention you love yall <3


It's Final

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It has been a long and fun fucking ride being with CrixRP for the past year that has been up. Honestly i haven't suspected CrixRP to blow up like it did, We went from a sandbox server having no idea how to dev or even run a community to what we still have now. My time has come and this will be my final resignation on CrixRP. I'd like to thank you all for supporting me and helping me run the servers i was in-charge of, And some of you guys might still remember me when i was Owner and thank you for staying true to me. Like con said, Garry's mod is getting boring, The only server i'd play on seriously was CrixRP because i had no intention to go on other servers. Nothing against TGN, Confiqqq Goes I go.

Thank you all. 

Conway / Mad signing off,

People i'd like to thank along the way:

Confiqqq: Thanks for giving me the chance to have these ranks on Crix, it's been an honour

Gary: You've been a good friend and taught  me how to do my job correctly.

Reaper_Tf: You are still a friend and a fucking whore but thanks for everything.

Jake: Didn't know you that well but thanks for giving me the chance to be SD again, It's been a fun 2 days running Narcos lmao. Cya "Boss"

Meme: Funniest minge ever.

Minches / Omegah: One of the first staff crix had, We has some fun times.

Oreo: Funny how you rised in the ranks so quickly for pretending to be a girl, Gay faggot.

Sharp: Fuck You.

Max: Sorry for demotion you, I learned now that was a stupid choice to do. Have fun on TGN

Hotdog / Nosloow: Didn't really know you at first but you've been a cool guy. Hope you have fun in TGN.

Codey: Thank you for listening to my rants and bullshit in dms. <3 (no homo)

Peace out.


The Future

                                                 Hey guys,

This is my 4th, and final resignation (xd). I always talk about what Crix has done for me and my life. And I can never lie about it when I say that Crix hasn't changed my life. I was a regular kid, who had just got out of this Minecraft community, and made trash youtube videos and diss tracks (that werent trash :)). I never ever saw myself making a Garry's Mod Community, and making thousands of dollars, and influencing thousands of people. The experience has been amazing. I was in it to win it. I didn't care about the money I made, I cared about inspiring the players, and making great servers. And the first year was great, I had fun, and didn't worry about donations or money, or business, all I cared about was having fun with my friends, and all the players. I made diss tracks, had a shit ton of rap battles, had laughs, turmoil, and hardships. But this community changed my life. I was able to help my parents pay bills, learn how to manage a business, and learned everything I could ever learn about maturity. Crix turned me from some stupid 14-year-old kid to a 15-year-old not so stupid kid. And I want to thank all of you for that. I also want to thank all the people I have met along the way, people think that its so easy to run a community, let alone a staff team of hundreds of people. But it's impossible to do anything in this world without a team. Everyone along the way who I have met since my first darkrp server, to our NarcosRP. I wouldn't have ever made it this far without you all. And most importantly, the players. You all gave me hope to keep pushing forward in my life. I struggled with severe depression last year, and without you all I wouldn't have been happy. Just going home every single day from class, and seeing you all is what made my life complete, and happy. This Garry's Mod community really changed my life. But all good things have to end. Since December, I have completely lost interest in Garry's Mod, and in running this community aswell. We were doing great, 60+ players a day, doing amazing. But I began to lose interest, and as I lost interest I didn't put my all into the servers, and as I did that, our community began to diminish. The state we are at right now is because of myself. And I feel that if I don't love what I do, I won't do a good job. And if I don't love it here, there is no point in making you all suffer, when there are other people to do my job with heart. I'm not saying I don't love this community, I love it with all my heart. But I have lost interest in maintaining the servers, and I do not want to do something I no longer enjoy doing. This is a chapter of my life that I have finished and has helped me find somewhat of what I want to do with my life in the future. I believe that the owners of TGN, Macks, and Shadow will do a great job running this community. They have the love for it, and I know that they will do a great job, and put their heart in it. If you respect me, and the community, and love it very much, I ask that you respect Macks and Shadow, and help them run this community. Because they will need all of you to help. Especially at the state, we are in right now. And I leave you with this, thanks for all the great times, memories, and love. Please be kind to one another, and support the community till the end. Peace Love And Positivity.

Signing Off,

Co-Founder of Crix Networks.


Here is a list of people that helped me out throughout the years, and mentored myself.

Corvezeo - Thanks for telling me that running this community would be worth it, and to never give up through hard times.

Minches / Omegah - Still don't know if that was you I talked to, but regardless, I met you the first day we opened CrixRP's DarkRP server in January 2017, and you did influence me and Mad to make the community big.

Gary - Still love you, and you taught me how to run a community correctly.

Taz - You helped me to open my eyes, and were a great friend to me :).

Zman - one of our first donators ever, stuck with us throughout all of our troubles, that longest lasting staff member ever, and friend. 

Zurpy - ur mum gay

Meme - First donator, and chargeback. Love you, babe

ObamaTheLlama - This man right here was the biggest influence on me, taught me lessons about life, was a role model and taught me how to do so much shit. Without him, I wouldn't be where I am today.

ELHostingServices - To all the staff at ELHostingServices, thanks for keeping with all of our bullshit (xd) whether it was the constant attacks on our servers, help that we needed, you guys were always there, and I thank you for that. Also use code crixrp for 15% off :).

Everyone - Thanks for everything, love you all.


Server Downtime.

It is with heartfelt regret, that I will be shutting down all the servers until the attacks stop, and our new DDoS protection hardware is in. We don't currently have a timeline, but it will open once everything is in. Myself, the administration, and our hosting provider @Metallic | are doing everything we can. It is useless having the server up, if it will just go down every 10 seconds. I hope that you still stick with us, and support us through these troubled times. I may have failed, but it doesn't mean you all need to either. When we do release the server it will be fully updated with custom class additions, e.g. Please bear with us for the time being. The temp servers will be shutdown tonight at 9 pm EST. Staff members for the servers are free to do whatever they wish in the time-being while the servers are down. You may also apply for staff positions, e.g, on the forums in the meantime. If you wish to donate, feel free to contact myself, as the donation store will not be available for use , and will be put on maintenance mode for updates as the servers are down. Once again I am very sorry, I did my best.

DDoS attacks on PoliceRP # 1

PoliceRP #1 has been ddosed yet again. To combat this, we have switched back over to our temp servers where we will monitor all the traffic. To help combat this, we have split PoliceRP #1 into 2 separate servers, Each with 20 slots, this will help us combat the attack. And spread over the player base. I am truly sorry for this. We will be back to normal soon.

Crix Networks version 2.0 network-wide revamp!

Hey everyone! Welcome back to our new forums being run by As many of you may have already noticed, we have revamped the whole network, which includes a new landing webpage, forums, store, policies, and game servers. All of our servers are now custom, our staff policies and player policies have been updated, and ranks have been removed/added. I hope you all enjoy the new updates and revamps that have been made. Have a great day!